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"You know me. Where is this coming from? After a year of marriage now everyone decides to tell us we rushed into things? I know we did. I love her more than anything. We have a son it’s a little too late to be telling me I should have taken it slow!"

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Freedom Weekend [HS Alaska/Sandy]



He laughed a little “Well I do have to mix the cake before I put it in the oven.” Sandy tilted his head to the living room and looked over there before looking back to Alaska. “Go ahead I’ll be right there in a bit.” He could tell that she was itching to leave him. He couldn’t blame her after the heavy topics they did and didn’t talk about.

Alaska had been so distracted with their conversation that she hadn’t noticed how much had been done for the cake pops. She looked between Sandy and the living room, then pursed her lips. It wasn’t that she wanted to ‘escape’ Sandy in anyway; given a choice, she’d always stay by his side. Alaska just wanted all real conversations to be over. The kitchen didn’t seem like such a fun place now. She took a breath and nodded, then left and settled in the living room with Zion on her lap.

Sandy let her go then busied himself with the cake. The first step in making cakepops. Soon he had it in the oven and the timer set. He walked into the living room to join Alaska and his siblings but when he walked in behind them he just took a moment to look, to reassure himself that keeping quiet really was the only good option for them. Sandy walked around and sat down on the floor leaning his back against the couch by Ellie’s feet. “Cake’s in the oven, then the fun part.” he smiled up at his younger siblings and Alaska.

Post Interview [PLTB Alaska/Sandy]



Sandy forgot to breathe. His face turned beat red and he laughed nervously when he remembered finally to inhale. “Uhh, what um. Questions right?” He caved. Her foot on his leg made him nervous, in a good way, but still nervous none the less.


Alaska smiled and let her foot drop. Last thing she wanted was Sandy having a heart attack before dinner even started. Or ever. He seemed like the type of man who thought with his heart first. “Right. Why are you single?” It still didn’t make sense to her; he seemed like the type someone would snatch up. 

Sandy laughed, his cheeks still red. He raised his eyebrows and looked up at her putting his hands cutely in his lap “Well, that’s a long story. Do you want my Ex’s answer or my theories?” he was half teasing. He really didn’t want to start going into that and then have Alaska change her mind on a first date. But she had asked him nicely.



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